Core Philosophy of Ministry

I believe that ministry begins with a deposit. A deposit that is given when the Good News of Jesus Christ is received into the heart of a repentant believer. Just as the Holy Spirit of God washes you and fills you; so, the Gospel floods in with it.  Every believer is, at that literal moment,... Continue Reading →

A Pastor’s Prayer

Be Thou Our Vision Father, I come to you humble and recognizing my feebleness before you. I stand here only by the divine grace given in the blood of your Son. In Jesus alone, I dare come to you and plead for your presence in me, in this church, and in this land where you... Continue Reading →

article by, Dr.Gerald Harris

Leary is much when God is in it By J. Gerald Harris, Editor Published: May 29, 2014   Leary Baptist Crowds attend the revival hosted by Leary Baptist Church and set up on the grounds of the Camilla Housing Authority. LEARY — Leary Baptist Church, with a resident membership of 82, is a small church in a... Continue Reading →

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